Those who love fantasy tales, visual philosophies, and deep trance rhythms  would be great admirers of the works of Ahmed Al Maqtari and Sarah Selke. After all, they are the creators of the Xzara music project, and conceive music and visual arts as inseparable realms.


They are more than just a storyteller as they are artists who specializes in the creation of realistic images of "unphotographable" scenes using digital drawing tools.


Ahmed came into the world in the year 1993 in Yemen. He is a self-taught artist. Ahmed felt inspired by reading several books about illustrators. While Sarah was born 1995 in Germany. They are now together as artists, and creators. Despite being in different domains, Sarah earning her Law degree and Ahmed finishing his masters in Transcultural encounters, they are part of the same artistic interest.


For his education, Ahmed took French in the University of Sana where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Literature. During the same period, he was already employed as a music producer, a logo designer, and a radio host at a local radio channel where he learned communication with the masses.